Mayor Hüseyin ÜZÜLMEZ


The Mayor is the head of municipal administration and the representative of municipal entity. Roles and responsibilities of the Mayor are as follows:
a)As the highest authority of the municipal organization, managing the municipal organization and protecting rights and interests of the municipality,
b)Managing the municipality in accordance with the strategic plan, establishing corporate strategies of the municipal administration, preparing, implementing, monitoring and assessing the budget and criteria of municipal activities and staff performance according to these strategies, submitting the reports on the same to the council,
c)Representing the Municipality in government offices and ceremonies, and as the plaintiff or defendant in the judiciary or appointing proxies,
d)Chairing the assembly and the council
e)Managing movable and immovable properties of the municipality,
f)Monitoring and collecting revenues and receivables of the municipality,
g)Making contracts subject to the decision of the competent organs,
h)Implementing decisions of the assembly and the council,
i)Implementing the budget and approving the transfers in the budget beyond the assembly and council authorities,
j)Appointing municipal staff,
k)Controlling the municipality, its affiliates and operations,
l)Accepting unconditional donations,
m)Taking measures necessary for the peace, well-being, health and happiness of the inhabitants,
n)Using the funds allocated in the budget for the poor and needy, executing the services for the handicapped and creating center for handicapped,
o)Using the funds allocated for representation and hospitality expenses,
p)Carrying out the duties and exercising the powers that are granted to the municipality by law and that do not require decisions of the municipal council or board.

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