• It is Kartepe Time Now
  • It is Kartepe Time Now
  • It is Kartepe Time Now
  • It is Kartepe Time Now
  • It is Kartepe Time Now
Şimdi Kartepe Zamanı
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Principles and Values

Principles of Corporate / Values:

  • Results and solution-oriented.
  • Sensitivity to human and environment.
  • To increase citizen satisfaction and trust.
  • Governance and institutionalization with consciousness.
  • To benefit from the latest technology adhering to the scientific and ethical values.
  • At every stage of service friendliness and goodwill to compromise.
  • Measurable, accountable and fair.
  • Experts and work with an experienced staff and attention to staff development.


"Tourism" Our work for everything Kartepe

"It is Kartepe Time Now"

  • Sukay, water ski park
  • Kartepe Ski Center
  • Our Culture Tours
  • Kartepe Introducing the World's Fair
  • Our Local Food Promotion
  • Totem Our Work
  • Website Applications
  • Guide for Tourists
  • Several Promotions

It is Kartepe Time Now

Our time the most natural, most beautiful, we expect all of you eat Kartepe one of the most livable cities.

Kartepe 4 seasons hosted many activities. Kartepe Ski, Water-skiing, trekking, outdoor sports, festivals and has become a city living 4 seasons with theater and concerts

Kartepe life values

Mission and Vision


Without compromising the principles of a stable, modern, and in the framework of an innovative management model; Kartepe' years of branding in the tourism category "tourist attraction" is synonymous with identity and the first that comes to mind is to move in the Marmara Region district municipality located in the tourist area.


Transparent, friendly and solution-oriented open to innovation and development in context: plans for the future, not only today, fair, fast, and working aware quality of service, our district-wide "Now Kartepe Time" to create the spirit and urban consciousness.

How can i reach?

Click this link to access all information about how to reach our Kartepe. You can easily travel to Kartepe.


Where To Stay?

Please click here to go to our page where you can find all accommodation links related to our Kartepe.


Where To Eat?

Please click here to go to our tourism webpage where you can access information on local dishes special for tourism lovers, addresses and more.

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